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We are a strategic consulting services boutique based in Geneva, Switzerland. We help our customers in difficult times and in difficult context. We help our clients (CEOs, CFOs) with their strategy and their users seize the upside of turbulence in an uncertain world. Building an agile organisation is not always easy and we use simple rules to help our client's organisation. Opportunities to cut costs are every bit as important to value creation as increasing sales. Our customers are hitech ICT firms, active in the luxury business, in sensors, wearables, cryptocurrency, cyber-security, big data, fablabs, quantified self.
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Our services

Propose you a strategy, an organization, agile principles combined with collective intelligence methods to have a rapid and lasting impact.

Strategic agility

Inertia is no longer an option. It is by seeking the right balance that you will succeed in absorbing the current shock.

IoT & IA Consulting

We help you find your place in the emerging ecosystem of connected objects and artificial intelligence.


Imagining the uses of tomorrow to metamorphose your buildings to enhance the value of your assets.

Strategic Agility

One thing is certain, we are living in unprecedented times, creating situations of unparalleled complexity and uncertainty.
It is precisely in this type of context that strategic agility, simple rules and meta-rules take on their full meaning. Our method generates the most added value for organizations that manage to seize the opportunities that present themselves in these turbulent and uncertain times.
Do you have difficult decisions to make? Are your plans completely thrown into question by the volatility of your industry? Do you feel that your competitive environment is no longer predictable?

agilite strategique

Strategic Agility: our references


Assessment of the skills of the sales force and the ability of each talent to strengthen its agility prior to a major transformation.

Missions :

Psychometric tests and personalized restitution of strengths and weaknesses.
Behavioural Competency Assessment Centre (agility, resilience, change management, state of mind)
Case studies and role plays on advanced sales and negotiation skills

EPFL Innovation Park

Facilitation of an interactive workshop on strategic agility and open business models for entrepreneurs at the campus incubator La Forge.

Missions :

Creation of formats (conference, workshops, practical application, “brown bag lunch”)
Animation of the interactive format, exchange and sharing of good practices within the incubator
Individualized follow-up of each initiative with individual business coaching

Ambition Region Innovation

Design of a webinar on agile organizational transformation for business leaders during the COVID 19 crisis to support and help them use strategic agility in the midst of the crisis.

Missions :

Preparation of the 1.5 hour webinar format
Remote animation with executives from several companies
Personalized half-day follow-up with each SME

conseils iot ia

IoT / AI advisory

When it comes to choosing the connected objects that will have a real interest in terms of use value for the inhabitants or occasional visitors, but also that will make it possible to realize an added value for the owners of the premises, it is not always easy to make the right ones, and to make decisions in the right order.

We help you to see more clearly among all the innovations in the world of artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning and neural networks) and connected objects (IoT, IIoT, M2M, Wearables, Digital Twins).

IoT / IA Advisory : some of our references

Customer Case #1

Strategic diversification of a plastic extrusion company, specializing in floors, wall coverings and furniture, towards products with higher added value using connected objects.

Missions related to :

Integrated smart lighting with modern interfaces
New communicating products with wireless IoT solutions
Wireless solutions via induction

Customer Case #2

Improvement of customer focus through the use of design thinking to improve the internal and external value propositions of the company (an energy multinational).

Missions :

Animation of the design thinking workshop
Emergence of internal improvement in productivity, liaison, performance and effectiveness
Ideation of new, more energy-efficient customer products

Customer Case #3

Commercial exploitation and geographical expansion of an artificial intelligence solution on smartphone, using machine learning, neural networks, Nvidia and NLP to detect stroke and trigger emergency responses.


Geographic expansion (Europe, China, United States)
New applications in the healthcare sector
Coaching and support in obtaining awards (European Future Unicorn Award)


When you list the many options for making a place “smarter”, there is no shortage of possibilities. To help you find your way around, we propose a simple and effective decision support model that allows you to distinguish the necessary, the useful from the useless gadget.
The “classic” methods are no longer adapted to the current economic landscape (start-ups, ultra-digitalization, uberization). Our methodological approach is novel and has been designed to meet new needs, those of the VUCA industry, and by extension all sectors facing uncertainty. It is based on tailor-made support and on the expertise of the latest technologies (Blockchain, BIM, GIS, real-time 3D).
After our intervention, you know that you have made the right trade-offs.

smart agile netup

Smart : some of our references

Customer case #1

Design of a new building for the future headquarters of a leading e-commerce company in French-speaking Switzerland, at the cutting edge of digital technologies and with a huge fan community.

Missions :

Immersion during 2 months with the teams of architects, landscapers, BIM expert, interior design, people and material flows and with the owners and investors.
Organisation of a participatory and collaborative workshop for the identity of the building and the future uses to be imagined
Specific foresight workshop on the “smart” elements to be retained for this unique building concept

Customer case #2

Metamorphosis of the head office of a multinational company, to open two of its three buildings to a new audience of startups and entrepreneurs.


Animation of a workshop with the existing occupants to collect the desires and prerequisites in particular on the current and future common areas.
Constitution of a panel of possible future external users representative of the target audience
Organization of an interactive format to find consensus among current residents and the desires of potential future occupants to improve buildings and make them more modular and flexible.

Customer Case #3

Coaching to enable the rapid commercial expansion of a breakthrough technology solution for real-time 3D architectural visualization and urban planning simulations.

Missions :

Understanding the context of the startup’s real-time 3D technological disruption and the advantages of the new technology
Development and implementation of export business development plans
Search for key partners to accelerate growth.