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We are a strategic consulting services boutique based in Geneva, Switzerland. We help our customers in difficult times and in difficult context. We help our clients (CEOs, CFOs) with their strategy and their users seize the upside of turbulence in an uncertain world. Building an agile organisation is not always easy and we use simple rules to help our client's organisation. Opportunities to cut costs are every bit as important to value creation as increasing sales. Our customers are hitech ICT firms, active in the luxury business, in sensors, wearables, cryptocurrency, cyber-security, big data, fablabs, quantified self.
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Paradigm Shift

Entering the circular economy

Our services

Strategic Agility

We help organizations to absorb shocks, crises, the unthinkable, the ``unplanned`` and to seize opportunities and good surprises by implementing agile leadership.

IoT & AI

Connected objects are coming, that's for sure, the solutions exist, the technologies are already there, we are promised a vertiginous growth of their applications. Don't miss the boat!


Whether for offices, buildings, housing or cities, the ``Smart`` solution is the best way to reinvent spaces in order to revalue a real estate asset.

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Get to know us

In speaking with our clients, we have found that they are no longer able to keep to their schedules, that they rarely complete their digital transformation and that they are finding it increasingly difficult to anticipate disruptions.

AgileNetUp’s raison d’être is to carry out high-stakes transformation programs. Because transformations are both technological and human, our approach is respectful of teams and based on trust.

Once the relationship of trust is established, Agile Netup offers interactive workshop formats, business coaching, training, corporate hackathons, webinars and seminars to help companies in their digital transformation.



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10 Key Steps to Successfully Transform Your Organization Digitally

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