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Agile Netup | Blog
We are a strategic consulting services boutique based in Geneva, Switzerland. We help our customers in difficult times and in difficult context. We help users seize the upside of turbulence in an uncertain world. Building an agile organisation is not always easy and we use simple rules to help our client's organisation. Opportunities to cut costs are every bit as important to value creation as increasing sales. Our customers are hitech ICT firms, active in the luxury business, in sensors, wearables, cryptocurrency, cyber-security, tourism, fablabs, quantified self and personalised medecine.
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[:fr] Comment réussir l'interopérabilité tout en plaçant l'humain au centre ? Comment s'y retrouver dans tous les protocoles existants ? Comment tirer parti des standards ouverts dans le bâtiment d'aujourd'hui et de demain ? Hier, nous étions réunis au centre de Genève, et chaleureusement accueillis par...

[:fr] Les écosystèmes leaders (États-Unis, Estonie, Israël et Singapour), Les écosystèmes matures (parmi lesquels le Japon, la Chine, l'Allemagne, le Royaume-Uni et la France), Les écosystèmes en développement (on peut citer la Jordanie, le Mexique, l'Afrique du Sud ou encore le Maroc) Les écosystèmes émergents...

[:fr]International markets have become more unpredictable, with uncertainties and turbulences being particularly pronounced when individuals or companies start new ventures, enter new geographical markets outside Switzerland or compete in technology-intensive industries, creative industries with high velocity. This typically includes biotech, medtech, medical devices, telecommunication, cloud computing, advanced engineering, micro- nanotechnology,...